Marks notebook

PyLlibreta is a program that expect to substitute the teacher's marks notebook. This program lets the teacher to check the list and write some marks (homework, lates...).


Xavier Batlle i Pčlach (tevi)(


Maria Martínez Vicente (maria)( Icons

Luís Lorenzo: Conditional hildonization and translation to galego


Last release 0.1.8. Improved students management. Localization.

pyllibreta-0.1.7. With empty database. The working directory is MyDocs/pyllibreta, this way you can copy you database file (pyllibreta.sqlite) to backup. Soon I'll prepare a database file for testing.



Download and install, with application manager. It's my first debian package, please tell me what goes wrong. At this moment installation is all in root, and then you need to e root to run pyllibreta. You will need python2.5.


a screenshot

The main menu. Big buttons for big fingers.

a screenshot

A timetable to choose the subject on works. By default the subject depends on the week day and time.

a screenshot

The students list. Here we find the total number of some items (absences, lates, missing homeworks... customizable) , exams marks and average mark. Clicking on one of them we can see his detailed marks.

a screenshot

Details of a student.

a screenshot

We can import the students names from a csv file.

a screenshot

Editing activities.


What Pyllibreta does

What Pyllibreta will do